This WTSolutions S project was started in June 2016, and currently being maintained by @he-yang, all copyrights reserved by WTSolutions.

Why WTSolutions S

I work as a process engineer for one of the top 5 water engineering companies in China, and bidding documents, feasibility study report and proposal documents preparation is one of my responsiblities. During documents preparation, I feel myself more of a 'Word Editor' than 'Process Engineer' as editing documents occupied 70% of my time, and I have only the rest 30% to play the process engineer role.

Surviving in one company has little budget for commercial progams is frustrating. Without the assistance from computer programs, my collegaues and I have to prepare our documents in a handmade way. Even some of my collegaues sleep only 3-4 hours per day, their documents are still full of typos and many other kinds of unexpected errors.

As a result, I have decided to make my own program to simplify our work, to improve work efficiency, and to lower error rate.

WTSolutions S is coded specifically for automatic documents preparation in the water and wastewater engineeering field. This cloud based web service can generate text automaticlly for various senarios. WTSolutions S is confident to save more than 50% of time that each process engineer spent on Word editing.

If you share the same goal with WTSolutions S, and would like to be part of WTSolutions S, feel free to contact me at [email protected] .

He Yang